Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rainy Day Sunday....

There's nothing better than a rainy day at home, the fire burning, kids running around laughing and playing, my hubby off work and just being with the fam :) Life is good today....

♥ Happy Sunday ♥ 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wow...So This is What it's Like!


My husband and the kids are out and about with Grammy while I got time to make and edit a few youtube videos, YAY! So, now with the videos out of the way I am sitting on my couch with the fire lit from this morning still......and silence. I can hear only the buttons of my keyboard tapping. It's been a while since I've had this kind of silence and it's amazing how much having children changes your life. In my case it's been nothing but for the better, but it's these little moments of silence that I really get to soak in and relish. I don't think I ever took advantage of it or appreciated it as much as I do now. It's a beautiful thing :)

I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday afternoon!
Silently hugging you thru the computer :) xoxo Amanda

Saturday, November 12, 2011

YES You Can!!

How To Deal With Negative People (haters, judgmental poeple)

I know that this is a hot top in our world today....Haters, Bullies and Judgmental People. It scares me to think of a way that I will be able to explain to my girls how to deal with it and have them really listen to me. I know that I always feel like my Mom is bias and she just says nice things because she has to :p So, I came across this video by one of my all time favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus, "Kandee". Normally she does makeup reviews and tutorials as she has been a celebrity makeup artist for quite some time now. She is also a Mother of 4 and has the wisdom of someone far beyond her years.

This video really caught me by surprise. I was having a hard day yesterday and dealing with some people trying to interfere with my new YouTube and Blog adventure. I was feeling low and wondering if it was all really worth it. There were so many highs and lows and I was finding that the more exposure I received, the more "Haters" there are out there that I guess are jealous? As Kandee says, other Successful people will never bring Successful people down. They are happy for them. It's the people that don't have that success that want to Hate and make you back down.

My mom also told me to watch the latest Oprah's Life Class as it was on Creating the Life You Want. I'm going to push through the negativity and rise to the top...for my girls, my family, my friends and for Myself. We all need to be reminded sometimes that we are worth it and that we deserve success.  There will be many road blocks and speed bumps, but we mush push on and follow our dreams....

"Only you have the power to make the changes in your life" 
"Your life is a reflection of the way you think. What you believe is what you become."
- Oprah's Life Class

With lots of successful vibes for the life you want.....Amanda

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Feet and Sisters :)

I always wondered if little girls really tend to do girly stuff and little boys really tend to do boy stuff (in general). Now, I only have girls, so I can't say for sure, but WOW, they sure do love girly things! Aside from the Daddy inspired race cars and skateboards, my girls really gravitate towards girly stuff! KoKo, my almost 4 year old, can not get enough of Mommy's shoes and dress up clothes. I even caught Kaya digging in the shoe drawers this morning!!

She looks up to her big sister so much already. I remember growing up the youngest of 3 and wanting to do EVERYTHING my big sister did (Kalli makes me remember that very often :) I remember the feeling of wanting so bad to fit into her clothes. I remember the first pair of high heels she got in a size 4!  I would put on 3 pairs of socks so I could wear them :) In Jr High and High School I would sneak into her closet and "borrow" clothes when she wasn't there!! She eventually had to put tape on it and a sign saying KEEP OUT! LOL. After about 15 years old she started to allow me to borrow clothes and I loved that. Also, around that age is when we really became great friends and she was not only my big sister, but my mentor and soon to be best friend for life....

I look at my two girls and see the 2 1/2 year age gap (closer to that of my brother and my gap) and hope and wish that they will grow to love and be there for each other. Yes, I know the sibling banter and fighting is normal, but my sister and I are almost 5 years apart and I've always considered her my best friend. We have been thru some really trying times together and have had to confront challenges and obstacles, but I know deep down that if all my friends turned their backs on me, my sister would be facing me with open arms.

Yes, I have always wanted a baby boy, but if this is what my family completes at, then I am so happy that we created "Sisters" because there is no bond like that of a sister :)

With lots of love and pink jelly shoes.....Amanda

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How Do Work At Home Moms Do It???

So, I haven't been doing videos and blogging as much as I know I should be doing. I have so many that I have lined up to do! My 1 year old, Kaya, is all over the place crawling and any minute I know she will be walking! She also gets major separation anxiety when I leave her. Thankfully she takes 2 naps a day, but I also have an almost 4 year old that sometimes naps at the later one. That is a hit or miss. I'm trying to figure out the times that are right to create my videos and also give my babies the love and attention they need. I don't know how you working mom's do it! Do tell!

Lots of love and cute crawling babies....Amanda

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Love of a Fireplace...

Ahhhhh....the fireplace. The best memories I've had growing up have revolved around a fireplace. We always had them Sunday mornings in the winter while my parents read the newspaper and I would sit in front of the fire watching cartoons :) The ironic thing is that we moved into our place almost 2 years ago and have not used it once until now! We have a flat screen TV mounted above it and we were always worried that the wall would get too hot and distort the TV in some way. After testing it out yesterday and constantly feeling the wall, it didn't get hot at all! I can't believe we didn't try it sooner...duh! It really heats up our 54 degree hard wood floor house in no time. It has the calming effect of candles, which are my ultimate favorite. I think I'll go light some right right back....

There we go. Now the scene is set. This just makes my Monday blues not so blue....maybe a bit yellow and warm :) This is the part of the day that I love since Kaya still has not given up her 9am nap. I get to snuggle on the couch with KoKo and do nothing :D It eases me into my day. I even drank a whole cup of hot coffee! That usually never happens.

These times are so rare and go by so fast. I'm cherishing them and holding tight before they slip away...
Hold your babies tight with lots of love will make your Monday just that much better.
What are your favorite fireplace memories?? Do share! And when did your 1 year old stop his/her morning nap??

With tons of fireplace warmth and love....Amanda

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Sunday, November 6, 2011


Expanding!! This is my new Mama Blog that is going PUBLIC. I have had a blog for so long but it was never public because I was too afraid to let it all out. I think I'm finally ready :) *Deep Breath*

Here it goes!

I have been working so hard on my Mommy Beauty Blog over at Hapamanda and incorporating almost 100 YouTube videos over the last 5 months! My passions in life are beauty and my family and I can't wait to talk Mommy stuff with you guys!! Lets vent, cry, laugh and help a mama out if they need it :)

Lots of hugs and love.....Amanda

Here are my lovely little ladies...
Kiyoko (4 in Jan) and Kaya (1 year old)

Halloween 2011

 Kaya's 1st Bday - Hawaiian Style!

Love and baby smiles....Amanda