Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Kaya! (9/22/2012)

Kaya Carolyn McKay
September 22, 2010
7lbs 6oz - 19"

Kaya's 2nd Birthday: September 22, 2012


I honestly can't believe how fast these past 2 years have gone by. I guess it's true that time flies when you're having fun :) I have just been so amazed at how completely different you are from your sister. All the milestones might have been happening at similar times, but it's little things that have taken me by surprise....the biggest one has been your absolute bravery and ability to throw caution to the wind to be daring and so carefree. This past year you have not only begun to walk, but run, jump, climb without any fear! KoKo was and is pretty cautious, so having all the little things you do is different and individual to you! The most recent thing was this summer you have been SO in love with being in the pool. You seem to think that you are already an Olympic swimmer and don't like to be held in the pool, but would rather jump in the opposite direction from me or Daddy to deliberately get away from our arms. You go under water either by mistake or with us and come up with huge smiles and laughter....
On another note... you are very attached to your blanky AND your pacifier (both of which you call "B"). We are really trying to get rid of the pacifier because we can tell a verbal explosion is on the horizon and is being muffled by your pacifier that hangs off your mouth as you attempt to talk, lol. So many words are already in your vocabulary.....Mommy/Daddy (of course), Shissy (sissy), DoDo (koko), Pop Pop, Shoes, Peeeeez (please), NO, Mammy (Grammy)...and you are learning your cousin's names amongst every other word we try to make you say :p
The funny thing is that the moment you turned two, the terrible 2's started! No kidding. You are very gung ho about getting your way and when you are told no you get VERY upset, pout and cry. You are very much a Daddy's girl and when he is gone at work you repeatedly say "Where Daddy?". 80% of the things you say have been that when Daddy is not around (no joke). It's quite cute, but Daddy isn't there to hear it, so I'll have to get a video for him to see :P You are still in quite a stranger anxiety phase and want to be held instead of walking along side of us. Actually wherever we go in the house you don't want to be left behind so you are constantly asking for "Ubbbby"!!

Despite any frisky attitudes you have, you are also the most snuggly little girl when you want to be. You have been sleeping in the same bed with your sister for the last month or so and it is pretty darn cute. KoKo has taken on the big sister role very nicely (most of the time haha). You are starting to copy a lot of the things she does and actually listen to her more than me and Daddy sometimes. You and I go to pick KoKo up 3x/week from school and it's really sweet to see you both when you see each other after she gets out of class. So many great moments this past year and I know it will all just get better as you guys grow up together. I can't wait to see what the next year brings and to be able to experience it all as your Mommy. I love you more than you could ever possibly know. Happy 2nd Birthday my little Kai Bear. For such a little girl, you have brought so much happiness into our lives and everyone we know.

Hugs & So much Love,