Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Maikah Is 1 Month Old!

1 Month!
(This post is from 4/6/14)

Little Maikah isn't so little anymore! He's 9lbs and Dr Bob says that is great weight gain. It's been quite a bummer because he has really bad gas and makes him super fussy ALL THE TIME. We aren't use to it because Kaya was so mellow. It seems like if he's not sleeping then he is awake crying. He cries every time he eats and it breaks my heart. I am nursing as well as formula feeding him. It's just too hard to nurse full time when I have the other 2 girls to take care of as well.
On the flip side...boy oh boy is this kid CUTE! He is really filling out and starting to get rolls and his chunkie charlie cheeks that we love :) He doesn't do much, but we're just hoping he will feel better sometime soon. In the meantime Ian is over the moon to have his's so easy to's plain as day. He has so many dreams of a great relationship with his son and I hope they can really have that together. Ian is so involved in every aspect. He gives him bottles, he can calm him down pretty quickly and he sleeps with him half the night usually! He's a tremendous help with the girls too. Ian has switched branches and is much happier at his new job location. We can definitely tell at home and we like happy Daddy :)
We are looking forward to so much, but right now Mama is just really trying to get thru the days alive! I'm trying to figure out how to get things done around the house with him so upset most of the time. It scares me to take him out because of it too. I just need to take the leap!


Here are some cute pics from his first month :)