Saturday, May 3, 2014

Maikah Is 2 Months Old!

We made it to 2 months!!! Well...sorta lol. This little man is still struggling to find his comfy place. We spend most of our time trying different things to make him stop crying. He still seems to have some tummy issues and we are trying gas drops, gripe water and probiotics. Nothing has been a cure all just yet. I'm hoping his little digestive system will catch up soon. We will be seeing his pediatrician at 3 months so if things aren't better by then we can make another plan with the Doc.
Other than that ;p he has grown SO much. Maybe painful growth spurts is the problem? He is over 12lbs and 21". That is 2.5lbs and 2.5" increase in just 4 weeks!!! This must be a dude thing cuz my girls were always so tiny. He's up in the 75-90th percentile for weight! He also has been having more awake time. When he's not screaming he will spend some quiet time under his play gym. He likes different lights and sounds. I think we have caught a few half smiles even :) I think some big smiles will break up the monotony of all the sad crying so I'm very excited for that to come.
He still nurses as much as I can. It's definitely hard to nurse on demand when I have the other 2 girls and so much to do around the house. He drinks a few bottles of formula a day. He loves sleeping with his Daddy. I swear they already have some sort of male attachment going on. He also loves being with his Grammy Carolyn for in her eyes he can go no wrong :)
We will be taking a trip up to Chico for a visit with the McKay side of our family. It's a 9+ hour drive when we travel with kids so it should be interesting. Ian's sister, Erin, also has a baby girl so we are so excited to meet the new baby cousin!!! We will get to see Grandma Hidelisa and PopPop as well as 2 Great Grandmas!! So exciting. I will update all the fun stuff in next months blog. 
Regardless of the hard times we are going thru with him we couldn't be more blessed to have him. He is beyond beautiful and healthy. It use to sound so cliche to me but we are so grateful to have a healthy baby. Thank you to everyone for all the love and well wishes. We love you all so much. 


PS check out my Mommy Vlog that I update with clips of the kids :)