Friday, June 6, 2014

Maikah is 3 Months Old! And Other Family Updates :)

Our little bean is turning into a big boy!! Here are his stats at 3 months old ;) 
Length: 24 inches - 25-50th Percentile
Weight: 15.8lbs - 75-90th Percentile
     This last month has been a hardcore search for a solution to his tummy problems. We took him to his pediatrician and they put him on Zantac for his acid reflux. He's not spitting up really anymore and I hope he's not getting that burning in his throat anymore either. There still seems to be another underlying tummy problem, but I also think he's just a fussy baby that's just having a difficult time adjusting to life on the outside! He had it so good in Mama's tummy. Why would he ever want to leave?? Poor guy.

     With all of that being said, he does have some really sweet "quiet awake" moments. He likes to lay on his back (a total no no for reflux babies, but oh well he likes it) and just stare, stomp his arms and feet around. We have gotten lots of smiles and even little giggles! He is super ticklish under his neck and on his feet. He has a really deep grunt giggle, it's pretty funny. We've also found that his favorite place to be is in the water!! He absolutely LOVES to take baths and it makes bath time a lot easier for Daddy because his sisters are a bath nightmare!! He is of course my little Pisces fish. We can't wait to get him out in the water to surf with Daddy :)

     KoKo will be done with kindergarten at the end of June and then it's SUMMER break! Yay! Grammy has them set up with a plethora of different day camps for KoKo and Kaya to enjoy with their big cousins. I hope to be able to take Maikah to a couple Mommy/Baby music classes and of course we'll be hittin' the beach all the time. Our goal this summer is to just relax, have fun and do some good family bonding! It's been a crazy school year and so much has happened. The girls are growing at lightening speed right in front of our eyes...

     As for me, the Mommy, I'm still working on things...trying to get a handle on all this 3 kids stuff. It's definitely a huge adjustment from just the 2 girls. I am in desperate need of getting back into my YouTube Beauty groove! I miss making videos for my channel and that sweet adult interaction I get with people that watch my videos. I have so much to do and so much to say that it's hard to know where to start. I guess I just need to dive right in and get started! Come stop by my channel to subscribe if you want to see what goes on over there :)

     Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Stay tuned for a lot more to come. This blog isn't just going to be Maikah and family updates. I'll be posting blogs on all different sorts of Mommy products, reviews and new experiences! Also, tons of pictures are posted down below :)

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Kaya & KoKo
 His favorite way to sleep...supervised ;)

 Ahhhhh SHARK!!

 Maikah with new cousin, Camila
 All the kids with GREAT Grandmas
 "The Parents"

 Milo loves the swing more than Maikah!
 Morning smiles :)
Kaya & Maikah

Biggest Cousin Ayla with Littlest Cousin
Cousin Teya with Maikah
 Auntie Kalli with Maikah
Mermaid hair!

Kaya's great fashion sense already ;)

KoKo lost her other front tooth!
The Princess and The Prince :)


Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Birth Story: Maikah Nesta

Maikah Nesta
Born: March 6, 2014
Weight: 7lbs 11oz
Length: 18.5 inches

Sorry this is so late! Better late than never!!
...On March 6th, 2014 I woke up from a dream that I was having contractions! I soon realized it wasn't a dream as more cramping started. I think I figured I must have had about 4 contractions when I was sleeping until they woke me up at 5am. I stayed in bed as they came about every 10 minutes. They weren't very painful, but I knew after a handful of consistent ones that they were real contractions. The night before I used Evening Primrose Oil which is known to soften the cervix to jump start labor. I was a couple days away from my due date so I was ready to go and wanted to try what I could to get the party started! Around 8am I told Ian that I thought I was in labor. I think he was kind of shocked and not really believing me until they started to come a bit closer and harder. My mom came over to check in. I didn't feel like I needed to be in a hurry but when they were around 6 minutes apart my sister was texting me, "What are you waiting for??". My mom stayed with the girls and my sister met us at the hospital.

The whole way to the hospital I was feeling ok. It was about a 15 minute drive so I had a few contractions on the way, but I was able to put some makeup on in the car lol! Once we arrived around 11am we got to park in the "Parents To Be" parking spot. I didn't need a wheelchair and walked my almost 40 week belly up to the labor/delivery area. They checked me in and put me in a room to get monitored to see if I was really in labor - hahaha....Yes, I was :) When the Midwife checked me I was about 2 centimeters dilated. I got moved to my delivery room as my contractions started getting REALLY uncomfortable. I knew that I wanted to get an epidural but they told me I had to wait about an hour for my "labs" to be ready and clear me for it. I happened to have my sister-in-law that works at the same hospital as an OBGYN so she came for a visit. I was crying because I was actually in a lot of pain and an hour seemed like a year in labor time! So, for some reason as soon as she walked out the door, about 5 minutes later my Anesthesiologist came strolling in with all his gear (I think my SIL had something to do with that xo ;)

I had an epidural for both previous labors and I definitely wanted one. The pain of the epidural is nothing compared to the pain of contractions so I wasn't really scared at all. Ian was able to be in the room with me. Once the epidural was in around 12pm and starting to work I didn't feel anymore contractions (YAY!). However, after a couple hours I was having a hard time finding a side to lay on that was comfortable. My legs were so heavy so I couldn't really tell if they hurt. It's such a weird feeling to not be able to feel anything below your boobs! I kind of felt like a quadriplegic and started to get a lot of anxiety. I could feel a shortness of breath and I just started crying because something just didn't feel right. My nurse came in and checked me. What do you know...I was fully dilated and ready to push.

Unfortunately they don't let you record the birth, but my sister was able to catch a few videos incognito style :p They previously found out that I might have had some meconium so there was a whole team of doctors there to take the baby and suck out his lungs right away. This meant that I couldn't have him out and put directly on my chest :( After about 20 minutes of pushing at 3:36pm he finally came out and I could breath again! This was a 10+ hour labor from start to finish!! I had anticipated much less since Kaya was 8hrs. Anyways, they took him over to the warmer with Daddy in tow. He was having a little bit of breathing problems so they gave him some oxygen. He seemed to be ok after that. My sister stayed by my side. She was my voice because for some reason, after the baby is born no one listens to Mom anymore!! My sister knew I wanted the baby to be skin on skin asap. So, as soon as the Doctors gave him the ok I was able to have him. He was finally here and he nursed right away :)

I had to change rooms again. Once I was in my post partum room I got to see my girls and my mom for the first time :) The girls were excited but my youngest, Kaya, seemed scared that I was in the bed all hooked up to my IV. They stayed for a bit but went home with my mom for the night. We were hoping to be able to go home the next day.

That first night was so special. I told Ian he could get some rest because there was just no way I could sleep then. I didn't want a moment away from my baby. I remember thinking around 2am how quiet the hospital was and that it felt like me and the baby were the only people there. He didn't cry at all that night and slept really good. The next day was a whole different situation!

He got his circumcision and then had to pass a hearing test to get released. For some reason he wouldn't stop crying so he failed the test. That's when all of his crying started and he really hasn't stopped since! We definitely weren't use to it, but every baby is different. Some babies just have a harder time adjusting to the outside world than others. The previous birth we took advantage of our hospital stay and even stayed the extra night! But this time I just wanted to get him home in hopes of calming him down.

It became time to fill out his birth certificate info. We had always planned on naming him Maikah. It was a name that I've always loved and we would have used the name regardless of the sex of the baby. It was the middle name that was hard, but we came to an agreement...My husband and I are huge Bob Marley/Reggae fans. We named our 2nd daughter after one of his songs, Kaya. After doing some research we found out that Bob Marley's real first name was Nesta Robert Marley. Nesta. We loved it. So we named him, Maikah Nesta and it fits him perfectly and with our last name it becomes MNM :)

We finally did it...we got our boy. The first boy in my family with 5 other girls! He is our little Prince. I think I finally feel complete. Sometimes I can just stare at him forever at every little nook and cranny of his being in total amazement. Amazed at all the tiny little things that have to happen in order for this baby to grow inside me. How not one thing went wrong in that cell duplication process that made each feature so beautiful on the outside and so healthy on the inside. It's a really amazing thing to think about. People say they just want to have a healthy child and I always though it sounded so cliche, but in all reality it really is all that is important. When you consider all the things that can go wrong and the millions of people that have babies with one issue or another. I feel truly blessed. I have 3 children that are, in my eyes, complete perfection. And although he has challenged me and my patience to the core every day, I still wouldn't change a thing. If my kids only take one thing away from me as a parent, I would want them to know that they are always enough. No matter what anyone says or does, they are enough. They don't need to try to be anything but who they really are and I will love them to the moon and back every day of my life....

The birth in pictures...