Sunday, September 7, 2014

Maikah Is 6 Months Old! Happy Half Birthday!

Maikah Nesta McKay
6 Months Old
Length: 26.5" (between percentile 25 and 50)
Weight: 119lbs (above percentile 95)

Hi everyone! 
Maikah is finally six months old! The end of summer is here and I'm so excited that both girls are in school. Kiyoko is in first grade and Kaya is starting her first year of preschool. The summer went by so fast. It really reminds me how fast time goes by. I try to savor every moment I have with my family.
This last month has been quite the challenge. All three kids got really sick but I'm glad it's over with and they can start school healthy. Maikah is reaching more and more milestones every day. Even though he doesn't like tummy time he's doing well and has rolled over a few times. He hasn't quite gotten a liking for vegetables and fruits but he really loves to eat his banana oatmeal. Unfortunately he's still not sleeping through the night. He is definitely milking this whole "baby of the family" thing lol. He has been spending a lot of time with his cousins so he's already fitting in with all of the girls. We are looking forward to all of the holidays coming up. 
I hope you all are doing well. Thank you so much for checking in! Lots of love, Amanda.
KoKo and Cousin Teya
 KoKo feeding brother :)

 Maikah hanging out with sissies outside.

Grantie Joyce!!! xoxoxo

 Little Snoozer

They look sooooo much alike!