Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Maikah Is 7 Months Old! The Battle Continues...

Maikah is 7 months old!!!
Weight: 19lbs Length Yes, he is SO adorable, but this little man is still giving us a run for our money!! Everywhere he goes he gets to be held. Whether it's with his cousins because they don't see him that much, Daddy that misses him when he's at work all day or even big sissy Kiyoko who picks him up just because she's strong enough to...he is having a really hard time being on his own. This makes it especially hard when I am with him during the week. It's hard for me to get stuff done when he cries if he's not held all the time. He is crying laying right next to me AS I WRITE THIS!! You'd think after baby #3 that I would have answers, but I don't. I know this obviously won't last forever, but my days seem like months and I'm pulling all my hair out. On the flip side...he is really trying to do more things like sitting up, trying new foods and rolling over (when we put him down for 10 seconds lol) He loves to be outside, at the beach or just hanging out at the pool. I love this little dude regardless of all the frustration. I know there will come a time when I wish I could rewind back to when he's little. Time goes by so fast and we are really lucky to have 3 beautiful children. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy some of the pictures from this last month :))