Monday, December 8, 2014

Maikah is 9 months old!!

The last month has been filled with a lot of firsts! Maikah started crawling out of nowhere when he just learned to sit up a week before that. He went from the army crawl for about 2 weeks to now a full on knee crawl. Just this last week he started pulling himself up onto things! The cutest thing is that he now says "Mama". I am 90% positive that he's saying it to me lol. This is definitely a little fast for me! He is a huge eater and likes any veggies or fruit. He's not so much into meats so we supplement with some tofu :)
We are all ready to celebrate his first Xmas. Before we know it will be his 1st Birthday!!
Much love, Amanda
Weight: 21lbs between percentile 25 and 50
Length: 27.5" between percentile 10 and 25