Saturday, February 7, 2015

Maikah is 11 Months Old!!! Lots of Chompers

Maikah Nesta...Our Pisces Fish
Weight: 24lbs
Height: shoooot I need to measure

11 months old!!?? What??? Ok, maybe it's hard to believe since I skipped his 10 month old blog :p
No, but really, I can't believe in 1 month he will turn 1 year old. This is craziness! It's amazing how fast these little buggers grow (and his sisters aren't getting any younger either!)
Over the last 2 months Maikah celebrated his 1st Christmas and started a new year with our family. As of his 10month old landmark he still had not grown in ANY teeth! Both of the girls started to get teeth around 8 months. So, in true Maikah - Go big or go home - the kid broke thru 7 (yes SEVEN) teeth all at once. OUCH! I wish we could blame that on all his crying, but let's be honest...he's still milking his whole "only boy and youngest boy in the family" thing. He is an all or nothing type of baby and knows exactly what he wants, when he wants it. He continues to be a good eater and has been able to move onto the more "yummy" foods using his newly found chompers :D
He still loves to take baths (Ian is betting on him becoming a professional surfer one day). He has mastered the art of putting anything and everything into his mouth with his tiny little pincer fingers. Our vacuum has a lot of miles on it! He likes to stay pretty busy during the day therefore totally takes an "anti-napping" stance. During his many waking hours he was gravitating towards the pink barbie car...I swear. The boy likes cars. What a surprise. So instead of just letting him continue to play with Kiyoko's pink barbie cars because I thought it was hilarious, we bought him some super manly monster trucks and Formula 1 cars lol. I have to say that he really does love them. I don't know what's up with boys and cars, but it's no joke.
Now, I like to call him a Mama's boy but let's be real...the minute Daddy steps foot into a room he lights up...and then screams if Ian walks by and doesn't pick him up lol. On another hand, Kaya has finally agreed that Maikah can stay in the family and we no longer have to give him away, so that's good news. Kiyoko turned 7 in January and continues to be the most caring and nurturing big sister there ever was.
I try my hardest to hold on to each moment with these little people and not sweat the small stuff (I said TRY). They truly are the best parts of Ian and me rolled into 3 little balls of fun.
Thanks so much for stopping by to catch up on our crazy little family. We love you all so much.

Here are some pics over the last couple months....
 Kiyoko and the standing man there something on my face?

He adores biggest cousin, Ayla

My BIG sister turned 40!

Gotta have some naked bunny shots ;)

Pretending he knows how to drink from a sippy cup

New wetsuits for Xmas! Thank Grandma and Pop Pop!

He's a snuggler

A little boy in a big park :)


Kai Bear

Kiyoko's 7th Birthday with cousins

Kaya says she's only the big sister when KoKo is gone lol

Gotta have girl time...

The coolest part...painting a mural with WYLAND at her school

Wyland painted his W on her back

Such an awesome memory...and a great Man

These boys sleep like boys

She's finally old enough to play board games!

Who doesn't love Girl Scout cookies???


Kaya won Star of the Week in Preschool

Winding down the night before brother goes to bed....

So lucky...So blessed

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